Tuesday, September 24, 2013

How to install cygwin and moshell for Windows

When running on Windows, Moshell uses a unix emulator known as Cygwin.
Go directly to step 13 if you have already installed and configured cygwin previously.

1- Go to the website www.cygwin.com

2- Click on "Install Now"

3- Save the 'setup-x86.exe' file, then execute it.

4- Choose "Install from internet", then click Next.

5- Root Directory "C:/cygwin" (It is not recommended to choose a different directory, especially if it contains spaces).
IMPORTANT: "Default Text File Type" should be set to UNIX (NOT DOS !!! otherwise ftp transfers get corrupted). Then click Next.

6- Select Internet Connection: put the proxy settings or select "use IE settings". Then click Next.

7- Choose a Download Site. The site http://sourceware.mirrors.tds.net is recommended.

8- Select Packages: Add the following packages:
- under "Archive", select "zip" and "unzip"
- under "Interpreters", select "perl"
- under net, select "inetutils", "openssh", "openssl"
- under shells, select "rxvt"
- under "Editors" select "vim" (optional)

9- Click Next. Install will start. Wait for installation to complete.

10- Download the file 'http://utran01.au.ao.ericsson.se/moshell/cygwin_install.txt' to C:/Cygwin .

11- Click on Start --> Run. In the "Run" window, type:
c:/cygwin/bin/perl c:/cygwin/cygwin_install.txt , then press "enter" .
This will create the following files:
If those files already exist, they are automatically moved to the folder c:/cygwin/tmp/installbackup.

12- Open a cygwin terminal window by double-clicking on the cygwin icon in the start menu or on the file c:/cygwin/cygwin.bat.
The window should be black with white text and the prompt should like this: [~]$
If not, then go through all the steps again and make sure you haven't missed out anything.

13- Moshell installation:
- Download the moshellxxx.zip file from Moshell Home to c:/cygwin/home/zawhtet
- Open the cygwin shell and run the following commands:
#unzip -o moshellxxx.zip
#bash moshell_install
The first prompt asks for the type of installation:
0) Full Version
1) Restricted+
2) Restricted
3) Limited
Click here for information about the restricted versions.
When prompted to enter the directory where you want to install moshell, it is recommended to specify your HOME directory ( ~ ).
 If a previous moshell installation already exists, it is recommended to install in the same directory as the old one. This way, all your custom files (jar/xml files, site files, etc.) get copied across to the new revision and the old revision gets moved to a different location so you can still access it if needed. When prompted to enter the java directory, choose /cygdrive/c/Progra~1/javasoft/jre/whichEverVersion/bin/java or /cygdrive/c/WINNT/system32/java

14- Running moshell for the first time:
If you have set the PATH variable correctly in your '~/.bashrc' file, you should be able to run moshell from any directory. E.g:
If this is the first time moshell is installed on this PC, then it will download a number of jar files from the node.
No progress indicator will be shown so just be patient as it will take a few minutes.
Progress can be seen by doing "ls -l" in the commonjars and jarxml directories.
For more information about user settings etc, check the user guide
For more info about cygwin installation issues,
check http://cygwin.com/faq/faq0.html .

Uninstall instructions for cygwin can be found at http://cygwin.com/faq/faq.setup.html#faq.setup.uninstall-

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Anonymous said...

Great post,
But any ideas, If some body wanted to upgrade Moshell from 9.0 to 10.0.
What should be the good practice, remove the older one or just execute the newer one.
Reply will be greatly regarded.