Wednesday, September 25, 2013

AMOS - Advanced Managed Object Scripting

AMOS is a customer version of moshell, it can be purchased as an optional feature in OSSRC (available since R5.3)

AMOS is identical to moshell except for the following differences:
1) In AMOS, the user can connect to the node by specifying the MeContext name instead of the IP address. AMOS converts the MeContext to a IP address by looking in the ONRM_CS database of OSSRC.

2) In AMOS, there is a feature called TBAC (Target Based Access Control, available from O13), which can restrict access to certain nodes only, depending on the user's permissions.

3) In AMOS, it is possible to restrict certain types of commands, depending on the user's permissions in TSS database. For instance WRITE and TELNET commands can be blocked for certain users.

4) In AMOS, the commands executed during the session are logged in the OSS SMLog.

5) AMOS is license controlled while moshell does not have any licensing (since it is for Ericsson internal use).

6) In AMOS, the following moshell commands are blocked:
- fset: for performing set operations that are not defined in the node MOM, e.g. write internal Ericsson parameters
- pcr, pdel : for creating/deleting PM scanners. OSSRC only allows PM scanner changes done from the OSS GUI, therefore these commands are blocked in AMOS.

7) The moshell version included in AMOS can sometimes be older than the latest moshell version. To upgrade AMOS to the latest moshell version, it is possible to use the following procedure:
 - fetch the latest moshell installation package from OSS PLM SW delivery gateway (if customer) or from moshell homepage (Ericsson)
 - store the moshell installation package in the OSSRC masterserver under /tmp
 - login as root into the OSSRC masterserver and run the following commands
 > unzip -o
 > bash moshell_install -a

AMOS release info can be found on
Click on the "EC list" link for your OSS version then search for ERICuramos .
To know what is your OSS release, shipment, and AMOS version, type "ist_run" at the OSS-RC shell prompt; the header shows the OSS release and shipment. To see the AMOS version, type "3", then "1" at the ist prompt.

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