Thursday, September 29, 2016

Oracleasm installation on RHEL 6.5

Download two RPM files from

Download three more RPM files from


Usage: oracleasm [--exec-path=] [ ]
       oracleasm --exec-path
       oracleasm -h
       oracleasm -V

The basic oracleasm commands are:
    configure        Configure the Oracle Linux ASMLib driver
    init             Load and initialize the ASMLib driver
    exit             Stop the ASMLib driver
    scandisks        Scan the system for Oracle ASMLib disks
    status           Display the status of the Oracle ASMLib driver
    listdisks        List known Oracle ASMLib disks
    querydisk        Determine if a disk belongs to Oracle ASMlib
    createdisk       Allocate a device for Oracle ASMLib use
    deletedisk       Return a device to the operating system
    renamedisk       Change the label of an Oracle ASMlib disk
    update-driver    Download the latest ASMLib driver