Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Definition of My LOVE

If I were a Witch, I'll shrink you to a tiny little thing and put you in a small little bottle and I'll swollow that little bottle down my throat. I'll take it out when there is nobody around and I'll take care and protect you with all my might.

If I were a Magician, I'll transform you into a little birdie and put u in a cage and I'll admire you for the rest of my life and your life.

If I have a gun in my hand, I'll shoot you and bury you with my own bare hand.
I maybe sad for months and shed my tears, but I'll still be at peace because Dead One Does Not Cheat and Lie.

When I was madly in love with you, I gave you my all.
You dare to test my patient and snapped my limit.
If I can make a choice, I'll Kill you with my own hand and I'll keep you in my heart for till the day I die.

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babysweet1988 said...


so wicked to check it!!!

keep trying on..

so tight ..I love em!!!