Monday, July 4, 2011

VMWare ESXi Server Implementation

What is VMWare ESXi and Features?

- VMware ESXi is the latest hypervisor architecture from VMware.
- ESXi can be Consolidate all the servers to one physical Machine.
- Not relying on Host’s Operating System (Pure Virtualization OS).
- Start from ESX Vsphere 4.x (Support Only 64 Bit Hardware)
- Support up to 2 TB of Physical Memory.
- Support up to 256 guests machines.
- Can support 32 bit or 64 bit Guest OS (i.e Windows, Linux, Unix)
- ESXi can be run from Server’s SD RAM (Do not need to waste Host’s Storage Space)
- With VMWare Converter, we can convert all the physical machines to VMware ESXi.
- With VSphere Client, we can manage all our virtual machines from one host.
- ESXi’s thin provision technology, can eliminate unnecessary disk usage.
- Can be backup and restore all the virtual machines while servers are still running.
- Can attach with iSCSI and Fiber Channel (External Storage)
- Can add or remove RAM while the virtual servers still running.
- No more hardware cost for New Development Servers.
- We can test new software and patches on Virtual machines.
- Reduce of Electrical Power usage.

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